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Sep 6
Post Image Posted by Rey April.

read my lips


my word arent lies

they arnt filled with hopeless sighs

they arnt laced with selfish pride

they arnt just along for the ride

they wont choke you with reasons

or change with seasons

they wont hurt you inside

or fill your nights with meaningless crys

they are just sweet to your ears

and for anyone that hears

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Jun 1
Post Image Posted by Kadidjatou Keita.




Vanilla Icecream

Melting in your waffle cone

I’ll eat you one day

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by Jenna.

Obscurity of chance


you’re one of a kind

just so hard to find

lost in the abyss of our mind

still struggling to keep in line

while the world goes down

we watch it burn to the ground

the screams are so loud

that no one is saying a sound

but at this point in life

no matter the trouble or strife

or the attraction to the knife

together; we’ll always escape the reapers scythe.

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by Jenna.

Your facade is losing it’s touch by Jenna


Not all unbelievable

not all that inconceivable.

Hours, days, endless time wasted trying

attempting autonomy with a false underlining.

Knees buckling from the insurmountable weight

unyielding insecurities begin to procreate.

Relying on fictitious hope that I mattered

exhaustion hovered bedside with prayers unanswered.

And now hypocritical notions spill from your mouth

as if you bothered assisting an ounce.

Recounting the numbers of the ones who’ve done me wrong

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Oct 20
Post Image Posted by sparks15.

The Day I Woke Up To a Dream


The Day I Woke Up To Dream

I drink in your scent,
Drunk I stand at the edge,
Never knowing, what you meant.
Waiting for you to catch me.

You mix your fragrance with the wind,
And send it out to me once more.
As I throw away my heavy body that has sinned,
I wonder would you wait for me?

If you do then I will go to you,
Riding the back of the clouds.
For if I who love an angels blue,

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Jun 5
Post Image Posted by NitrousBlue.



Yeah it does, Feel like I’ve been here before.

Lying lifeless on the floor.

Tainted with your tears on my skin.

Suffocating, as I breathe in.

Your touch was my biggest sin.

Regret is coursing through my …

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May 18
Post Image Posted by pathtoeudamonia.

A Hazy Reminisce


Dizzy heights of Saturday coincide with the morning blues of Monday,

memories of intoxicated, unintelligible conversation dances, flirts with the brim on conciousness,

I long till these days once more the anticipation, aspiration of a frantic mess,

they are closer now but on the morrow I will dream for a far.

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