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May 19
Post Image Posted by pathtoeudamonia.

The Journey Begins


Eudamonia; I long till the day,

but why do I long from so far away?

evils, masters, facists we will meet on our path,

but what cant be solved with a laugh?

give me a guitar and a army of anarchists,

this world will not be missed,

hate, greed, war, poor replacedby rich love, poetry and philosophy,

come dream and escape with me

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May 18
Post Image Posted by pathtoeudamonia.

A Hazy Reminisce


Dizzy heights of Saturday coincide with the morning blues of Monday,

memories of intoxicated, unintelligible conversation dances, flirts with the brim on conciousness,

I long till these days once more the anticipation, aspiration of a frantic mess,

they are closer now but on the morrow I will dream for a far.

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