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Nov 8
Post Image Posted by spyjammer1.

“Poetic Symmetry 1”


With two words!
From one flow!
You will feel!
Poetic Symmetry!
A wishing star!
That’s too far!
Shines within our dreams!
Bright enough for you and me!
A dreamcast!
Comes too fast!
Destroys all your past!
Sweet saviore faire
From nightmares!
Sucks me into despair!
Poetic Symmetry!

There always principles!
From street corner disciples!
Where logic becomes rhetorical!
And faith is reprehensible!
Mind police becomes uncontrollable!
When platinum pens are functionable!
Severed minds become unattainable!
Where love is …

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Nov 8
Post Image Posted by mendacious.



Rose coloured memories of a life well lived
A sad euphemism of mediocrity and shallowness.

A façade of confidence and strength
Walls concealing inner fears and pervading sadness

A future full of meaningless anticipation
Expectations never met like seed sown on barren ground

In the end all that could have been never was
I pass on through like a silent draft under life’s door

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Jun 1
Post Image Posted by Charlotte Frampton.

Beauty and Fire


A rose, the wind whispering faintly through its petals, soft and gentle.
Its heavenly aroma enticing all.
So young, still budding, but breathtakingly beautiful.
Silky red, rich in tones, scarlet, the deep red blood of humanity dipped on the petals like morning dew.
Its slender stalk waving in the wind, steadily blowing, harder and harder, intent on knocking this exquisite specimen down.
Waiting, waiting, waiting in a knowing silence.
The blood still fresh on her tips.
A rose is not …

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by Jenna.

Cold flame of broken nostalgia


Freezing alone in the theoretical cave you left me in

Shivering away the last shimmer of hope and pride.

Self pity is the toughest opponent to face for victory

Self destruction deems the most appropriate for defeat.


Exploring ones inner demons can feel impossible

Exploiting your own faults falls under unthinkable.

To find the way out is to battle your inner fears,

To achieve your freedom you must trust natural instincts.


Attempting to dismiss the obscure thought of lost memories

Struggling against the persistence of unforgotten habits.

The silent line …

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by Jenna.

Your facade is losing it’s touch by Jenna


Not all unbelievable

not all that inconceivable.

Hours, days, endless time wasted trying

attempting autonomy with a false underlining.

Knees buckling from the insurmountable weight

unyielding insecurities begin to procreate.

Relying on fictitious hope that I mattered

exhaustion hovered bedside with prayers unanswered.

And now hypocritical notions spill from your mouth

as if you bothered assisting an ounce.

Recounting the numbers of the ones who’ve done me wrong

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by sparks15.

My Love for You


My love for you is like,
a heart, the love increases with every beat.
My love for you is like,
a kaleidoscope, more fun with every turn.
My love for you is like,
the sun and moon, never truly understanding of the other but still living in perfect harmony.
My love for you is like,
an i-pod on shuffle, you don’t know what your going to get but you still like what you hear.
My love for you is like,

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Nov 2
Post Image Posted by shortnevil1989.

Natural Disaster


Thoughts twisting like a tornado
sadness and pain on my face
body shaking like an earthquake
pain is too much to take
emotions erupting like a volcano
the aftermath-blood and tears
blood flowing like a flood
covering the bathroom floor
i can see the end so close
like a natural disaster
no way to stop it
no way to control it
natural disaster strikes again

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Oct 27
Post Image Posted by peacefulheart.

Apples of Gold


Oh sweet sisters of mine .

you made my day shine with laughter and fun.

Oh sweet sisters of mine if only you know how much you filled my day.

Oh how joyful that day was for my day went fine.

Oh sweet sisters of mine I would love to come another day.

Oh this day it took my sadness away you brought the anger out of me this day. now I …

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Oct 20
Post Image Posted by sparks15.

The Day I Woke Up To a Dream


The Day I Woke Up To Dream

I drink in your scent,
Drunk I stand at the edge,
Never knowing, what you meant.
Waiting for you to catch me.

You mix your fragrance with the wind,
And send it out to me once more.
As I throw away my heavy body that has sinned,
I wonder would you wait for me?

If you do then I will go to you,
Riding the back of the clouds.
For if I who love an angels blue,

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Oct 20
Post Image Posted by sparks15.

The Dawning of Your Smile


Please don’t take any phrases, or ideas from this, I worked really hard on it, so please don’t!!! Just enjoy reading it..

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