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May 13
Post Image Posted by Charlotte Frampton.



As I sat in class, I waited.
Waited for them to say my name, waited for them to acknowledge me.
To talk to me.
They didn’t; but that’s okay, I’m not the centre of their world.

They mentioned me today.
I was the butt of their joke.
It was mean, they just laughed.
At least they know I exist.

They actually spoke to me today!
They asked a question. It was just a sick joke.
It was mean, and hurt my feelings.

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Oct 27
Post Image Posted by peacefulheart.

Apples of Gold


Oh sweet sisters of mine .

you made my day shine with laughter and fun.

Oh sweet sisters of mine if only you know how much you filled my day.

Oh how joyful that day was for my day went fine.

Oh sweet sisters of mine I would love to come another day.

Oh this day it took my sadness away you brought the anger out of me this day. now I …

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