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Dec 29
Post Image Posted by emilyholmes55.

I’m so lucky


Now that we seem to be alone
and the moon happens to be around
I want to tell you I love you
I’m so lucky its you I’ve found

You’re so gentle and sweet
with me you’re always so kind
So could I stay with you?
do you care? do you mind?

I know it may seem silly
and every bit cliche,
But you make my life complete
and that’s all i need to say

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Dec 29
Post Image Posted by emilyholmes55.

Sent to me


Darling you were sent to me
to live our lives in harmony
You’ve made real my every fantasy
so forever by your side is where I’ll be

Its been said your smile could start a war and your kiss could stop it cold
so please say you’ll always love me even when I grow old

Your love is a chance of a lifetime
your eyes tell the story deep inside
If only you’ll give me a special room within your …

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Dec 29
Post Image Posted by emilyholmes55.



In no time the springtime will be here at last
to think of it now makes the winter go fast
The short cold days will grow longer and warmer
leading us right into the hot sticky summer

Soon the flowers and trees will be a thing of the past
so come with me to enjoy then while they last
The sun is just right to not make things too humid
lets swim in the pool who’s water so lucid

Come …

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Dec 28
Post Image Posted by emilyholmes55.

Our Future Relation


I sit here by myself wondering when these days will end
of being happy is something I have to pretend

The day I meet you
I’ll know in my heart
that only death could tear us apart

But since I’m all alone now
my only consolation
is to write about you and our future relation.

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Nov 29
Post Image Posted by sparks15.

My Shining Star


Flying along you would never know,

That my heart was filled, with unregretable


I saw you every day, standing

So confident, so you.

Had you known how I felt,

Would you have acted the same?

The supernova happening,

In my heart, you’ll never know…

I wish upon the star up high

That you would notice me,

Oh please notice me now.

Even with you gone,

I hate the fact,

The fact that you will never,

Know how I felt about you.

Has my heart in an uproar!

Please stay my shining star.

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Nov 22
Post Image Posted by Gamzee_Siegel.

We Believe.


I sat infront of the plain, red covered book,

Looking at it with fasination.

I picked it up and crawled away to my favorite knook

And opened the cover, cracking the spine.

At that moment, I was under a spell,

Pushed head first into a magical world.

Everything there was so happy and swell,

It entranced me.

The lovely halls, the wonderful people,

The heart racing games.

The tall and beutifal steeples.

We played things like chess, hide and seek,

And had wonderful feasts.

Sneaking around on old floors that creek.

I sat in …

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Nov 2
Post Image Posted by shortnevil1989.

Natural Disaster


Thoughts twisting like a tornado
sadness and pain on my face
body shaking like an earthquake
pain is too much to take
emotions erupting like a volcano
the aftermath-blood and tears
blood flowing like a flood
covering the bathroom floor
i can see the end so close
like a natural disaster
no way to stop it
no way to control it
natural disaster strikes again

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Oct 29
Post Image Posted by Shez toto.

Mask of social security


Express myself

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Oct 25
Post Image Posted by Jei Yu.

Man of my dream


Every seconds, Every Time
You keep running on my mind
You’re the only thought I have
All day & night

When I open my eyes
I started to realize
Your love is my dream
Wanting it to be mine

I hope sometimes we’ll be together
Holding hands keeping it forever
Sharing dreams with each other
Showing love that lasts forever.

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Oct 25
Post Image Posted by Jei Yu.

Worst day I ever had


I know this day will come
Because things turns unusual
You cant give a bit of your time
Unlike the first month of this love

What is this I’m Thinking?
I think its aren’t working
Even I try to make things goes right
Happenings make me feel this fright

Tears falls down on my eye
Sign of hurt I felt inside
This is the only thing I do
To drain this pain I hide.

The worst moment is today
The day that we …

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