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Apr 16
Post Image Posted by Harmeen Suri.



Its true and yet so strange to see ,

mortal plasticity amidst such entourage…

I wished for apples on a plum tree,

which apparently proved to be a deceitful mirage…

How i wished i could be free,

on this tough but beautiful life’s collage,

would swore high like an eagle into eternity,

would be like a thundering ocean so bilage…

Mortality was always afraid of the unknown,

of substance that cannot be explained,

it would fear and thus would groan,

leaving behind all souls tied and chained…

All we now need is …

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Apr 16
Post Image Posted by Harmeen Suri.

Eve of My Life


Whimsical, how things change,

and then refuse to be all right…

Things are now a little strange,

i cant, even though i want to be upright…

I will now prevail with a shame,

despair, amidst a profane delight!

I accept and so shall take the blame,

despite all, i wish i could overwrite…

Ahh! i demand to decease…

I wish to view who will grieve,

on the merry day of my demise will make peace,

with the mistakes i did perceive…

I wished for eternal bliss for all,

but was just a bitter …

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Mar 2
Post Image Posted by DysonWolff.



Shine star shine,
Your light so bright,
Shine star shine,
I want your shine to be mine

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Mar 2
Post Image Posted by Harmeen Suri.



Alas! an alluring rose,

kept unharmed in thy grace…

hand of the almighty, itself enclose,

is now wilting with a bitter cry with disgrace..

left in the cold, solitude it wants to oppose,

kneeling down before you, with a solemn face…

asking for thine elegance upon the soul it bestows,

seeking the one it longs for and tries to chase…

hoping, might it win back its scent and repose,

yet the hours pass by without a trace…

all it now craves, is for love and what it owes,

pouring out its …

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Mar 1
Post Image Posted by Harmeen Suri.

A Longing…


A constant longing of the one you desire,

burns the inside with a piercing pain…

A mourn so intense and filled with fire,

an ardent cry to meet with and regain…

The bliss of a gentle touch as if to conspire,

a lifelong suffering with a love stain…

Although a vivid mortal exterior,

it sobs when it wants to obtain,

the one it craves for and desire,

it alters into a wish that drains away in vain…

The eternal love i require,

is miles away, which makes me insane…

A bond so …

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Feb 23
Post Image Posted by sparks15.

Say Hello


I was there to say hello,
To all the days you said goodbye to,
All the days,
You said goodbye to.

And when you were away,
Never to come back,
I was there to say hello,
To say hello.

I often dreamed of falling stars,
That you’d ride upon.
To catch me if I fell,
Only to watch as you disappeared into the night.

My gallant paladin,
I would see no longer.
I must find another paramour,
To fit into my sunny palm.

As …

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Jan 18
Post Image Posted by rhymetym.

There is nothing I can do


This is the first ive seen your face
already our feelings are strong
but now your packing your case
what went wrong?

We were bestfriends
you were my lover
now its come to an end
and we are more than over

What did I do to deserve this?
Why did he take you away?
I didnt even get a one last kiss
on that horrible tragic day

I know you didn’t love me anymore
but who says I can’t love you?
it was …

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by Jenna.

Cold flame of broken nostalgia


Freezing alone in the theoretical cave you left me in

Shivering away the last shimmer of hope and pride.

Self pity is the toughest opponent to face for victory

Self destruction deems the most appropriate for defeat.


Exploring ones inner demons can feel impossible

Exploiting your own faults falls under unthinkable.

To find the way out is to battle your inner fears,

To achieve your freedom you must trust natural instincts.


Attempting to dismiss the obscure thought of lost memories

Struggling against the persistence of unforgotten habits.

The silent line …

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by Jenna.

Obscurity of chance


you’re one of a kind

just so hard to find

lost in the abyss of our mind

still struggling to keep in line

while the world goes down

we watch it burn to the ground

the screams are so loud

that no one is saying a sound

but at this point in life

no matter the trouble or strife

or the attraction to the knife

together; we’ll always escape the reapers scythe.

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by Jenna.

The Ballad of a Past Love Song


was I good enough?

Wasn’t I faithful enough for your love?

What didn’t you like?

Did I put up too much of a fight?

It’s okay, you know.

Even though I loved you so.

I’m fine, it’s better now.

I’m with a love I allow.

I’ll be honest, starting here.

We weren’t right for eachother, dear.

Too different in the wrong ways,

because …

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