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Sep 6
Post Image Posted by Rey April.

just plain trouble


day after day we wallow in fear

praying that someone will catch every tear

we sit through our guilt

this is how our lives are built

we dont want to give in to our souls just yet

ignoring our subcontiousness, we bet ;

on how long we can go without feeling regret

unfortunaly our minds are quiet set

we will not give in

even though we know its a sin

because some how, some way

it seems to make everything o.k.

sure, we get in trouble

and lying probaly made the punished double

but …

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Jul 2
Post Image Posted by Ellie.

Emotional Conflict


The weather is warm and comforting as being in your arms,
Where forever I would stay if the choice were mine,
But as luck would have it, there’s room, but for another,

So I live each day trying not to be a bother,
Though I sometimes fail at accomplishing this task,
There are moments when I have the strength to keep my feelings masked,

Good times we have shared, which and I will never forget
But the sad times are multiplying, which …

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by Jenna.

The Ballad of a Past Love Song


was I good enough?

Wasn’t I faithful enough for your love?

What didn’t you like?

Did I put up too much of a fight?

It’s okay, you know.

Even though I loved you so.

I’m fine, it’s better now.

I’m with a love I allow.

I’ll be honest, starting here.

We weren’t right for eachother, dear.

Too different in the wrong ways,

because …

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Jan 10
Post Image Posted by sparks15.

My Love for You


My love for you is like,
a heart, the love increases with every beat.
My love for you is like,
a kaleidoscope, more fun with every turn.
My love for you is like,
the sun and moon, never truly understanding of the other but still living in perfect harmony.
My love for you is like,
an i-pod on shuffle, you don’t know what your going to get but you still like what you hear.
My love for you is like,

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Oct 20
Post Image Posted by sparks15.

The Day I Woke Up To a Dream


The Day I Woke Up To Dream

I drink in your scent,
Drunk I stand at the edge,
Never knowing, what you meant.
Waiting for you to catch me.

You mix your fragrance with the wind,
And send it out to me once more.
As I throw away my heavy body that has sinned,
I wonder would you wait for me?

If you do then I will go to you,
Riding the back of the clouds.
For if I who love an angels blue,

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Aug 4
Post Image Posted by Ferah Lionhart.

“Linger here, please…”


I’m home now, another day
crashed upon my bed
under covers, feeling cold
as thoughts of you run through my head

i can still smell you
faintly, on my fingertips
your scent still on my clothes
your taste still on my lips

how long must i wait
to hear your voice once more?
every time i say goodbye,
my heart drops to the floor

i go km bed at 9:30
i fall asleep at 10
the best sound i could awake to
is …

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Jun 21
Post Image Posted by anonymous.

My Cold Dead Fingers


When we first met, I was too shy
Too shy to talk or smile
Instead, I let you float on by
Ignoring these feelings, all the while.
You were knockin’ at my door
I was too afraid to turn the handle
So, I just stared at the floor
While the flame went out on our candle

I’m through with this
through with being too afraid
I want to taste our first kiss
To be with you, is all I’ve ever prayed

They …

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Jun 21
Post Image Posted by anonymous.

Even if I Were Cupid


You’ve been in my sights
Yeah, I’ve had my eye on you, girl.
Thinking you could make things right
Hoping you’d give us a whirl.
There’s these things I want to say
And, I’m starting to find
No matter how many times I fall astray
I know I’ll never get you off of my mind.

Even though I left town
My heart’s still there with you
You set me up, when I’m facing down
My god, how I miss you.
And …

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May 18
Post Image Posted by dreamer94.

for my true love


my heat is yours to forever keep
with silent wishipers and our moments between the sheets
i rest upon your warmth
to create my self a safe cover
from the rest of the world
its jus me and lover
my tears have dried
theres no longer pain
happiness has replaced these
shooting your love like toxins thro my vain
forever your i will always be
so safe and warm
baby your place is next to me.

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