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Jun 1
Post Image Posted by Kadidjatou Keita.




Vanilla Icecream

Melting in your waffle cone

I’ll eat you one day

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Jun 1
Post Image Posted by Kadidjatou Keita.



Snow falling gently from the sky,

Big brother sliding slipping by,


Baby brother wants to slide too,

When I fall, I cry boo hoo


Mother said be careful then fell,

Sister fell with sour cream as well,


Daddy fell when he was almost to the car,

We all laughed Hardy-har-har,


All through the winter, and it was far,

The one who didn’t fall, was my little brother Mouctar!

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Oct 25
Post Image Posted by the1Poetess.

It’s the Wrong Address


Don’t call me Ma’am,

it just isn’t right.

I know down here in the south,

parents have taught their children to be polite.

It makes me feel old,

and that just isn’t me.

Save your Ma’ams for some other old person,

I am only 53.

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