With two words!
From one flow!
You will feel!
Poetic Symmetry!
A wishing star!
That’s too far!
Shines within our dreams!
Bright enough for you and me!
A dreamcast!
Comes too fast!
Destroys all your past!
Sweet saviore faire
From nightmares!
Sucks me into despair!
Poetic Symmetry!

There always principles!
From street corner disciples!
Where logic becomes rhetorical!
And faith is reprehensible!
Mind police becomes uncontrollable!
When platinum pens are functionable!
Severed minds become unattainable!
Where love is exceptional!

One heated mess!
Becomes our distress!
From what amass!
Words we should not say!
Will you act?
Before you speak?
Behold the missing link!
Poetic Symmetry!
Will you stay?
To live and fight today?
Or give cheap shots and run away?
To resolve the mystery!
A phone call!
To a long fall!
Cast your strength on me!
Poetry Symmetry!

Birth will be incredible!
Death will be unacceptable!
Time will flow into the sea!
And we’ll become the history!
Mindless jargon here will not be spared!
In a heart without repair!
There will be no better days!
If we continue to live this way!

Tiny grains of sand!
Still fall through almighty hands!
Collecting upon the floor!
Subjecting to so much more!
Talk to me!
And you’ll see!
Our future’s in jeopardy!
Poetic Symmetry!

One for you!
One for me!
One for all to be!
Poetic Symmetry!
Wipe away your tears!
Learn to face your fears!
Someday we all will die!
Poetic Symmetry!