It always comes in the night,
Always gives me such a fright,
It gives me fear but no delight,
Never ever a pretty sight.
It’s like dreams that have gone bad,
Dreams of people going mad,
It’s the worst dreams ever had,
And it only makes me sad.
Nightmares that are very scary,
Blood on floor thats very smeary,
No such thing as the good fairy,
Creepy guys-they’re very hairy.
Trying to get to the door,
While my scary captors snore,
Hope no sound comes from the floor,
I don’t want another tour.
In some nightmares I am small,
In some others I am tall,
But I always seem to fall,
Or always get smashed by a wall.
Everyone is fast asleep,
While I sit there, while I weep,
I can never go to sleep,
Even when I count the sheep.