Oh sweet sisters of mine .

you made my day shine with laughter and fun.

Oh sweet sisters of mine if only you know how much you filled my day.

Oh how joyful that day was for my day went fine.

Oh sweet sisters of mine I would love to come another day.

Oh this day it took my sadness away you brought the anger out of me this day. now I am happy again .

Oh sweet sisters of mine I am able to laugh again Wow’ Like Angels from heaven in disguise,

Oh sweet Apples of gold.

M\t5r32y God bless you in all you do.

For this week we shard the laughter while learning and reading Gods word.

I wish it could last forever .

Oh sweet sisters of Apples of gold were would we be with out you?

well be sad and lost with out our apples of gold.

were will we find our Angels of gold.

Oh sweet sisters of mine.how we ever going  to study with out you .

God has Bless you in many ways to our Apples of Gold /Golding Angel