The Dawning of Your Smile
I saw something this morning,
It showed me what I was really missing.
The colors of the sky,
As the smile of the sun,
Broke of the edge of infinity.
It woke me up from the dismal abyss,
I had been sucked into.
The colors of love, hope, happiness,
All the never ending colors of life.
The dawning of your smile,
In the morning is a wake up call,
Telling me my life is definitely worth living.
To wake up and know that your love will be pouring down on me all day,
Makes me want to walk till the ends of the earth just to be under your rays.
You are the sun to my sunlight throughout the day.
As I walk I see the shadow of wonder you create, my never ending companion.
As the light of your love dims down,
I know that you are still there watching over me.
After all I buried my wishes under the light of the full moon,
And sent away my soul on a shooting star.
With you gone I would still capture stars just for your tasting,
Even if they are windows for your viewing into the souls of us mere mortals.
But as the stardust of the sky turns darker through the night,
And I know that it is time I rest my head and hope,
But not hope you take me.
As I head into the everlasting dreamland, I know you are still here.
It’s sad how I depend on your wondrous love, for it is so beautiful.
The light inside my world opens up to a whole other area of imagination,
And my mind explodes in a beautiful frenzy of miracles.
I would so hope that you would stay with me to protect me,
From the devil inside trying to steal my name.
As I wake into the morning I hear your voice,
The very sound of angels outside my window,
Your glowing self everywhere to be found, no crack unfilled.
You are you so let your self be free in my heart,
And your dawning smile be with me wherever I may go.