When we first met, I was too shy
Too shy to talk or smile
Instead, I let you float on by
Ignoring these feelings, all the while.
You were knockin’ at my door
I was too afraid to turn the handle
So, I just stared at the floor
While the flame went out on our candle

I’m through with this
through with being too afraid
I want to taste our first kiss
To be with you, is all I’ve ever prayed

They say they want to take you away
and as smell of your perfume lingers,
if they want to take you away
I say, from my cold dead fingers.

You’re beautiful, with your hair of red
So graceful in everything you do
Nothing’s going to get you out of my head
Not even if you leave me feeling down and blue.
This game of love is hard to play, baby.
You roll the dice just to take your turn
And I was thinking that maybe, just maybe
We could light this candle and let the wick burn.

They say they want to take you away
The taste of your kiss still lingers.
They can take you away, I say
But, from my cold dead fingers.

We’ve boarded our train
On a one-way track
We hope our efforts aren’t in vain

And we know there’s no going back
I’ll give you all I can
but, all I can spare is love
and from the train we ran
the rain came down from above.

They say they want to take me away
The feeling of my arms lingers
Oh, they can take me away, you say
From your cold dead fingers.