Yeah it does, Feel like I’ve been here before.

Lying lifeless on the floor.

Tainted with your tears on my skin.

Suffocating, as I breathe in.

Your touch was my biggest sin.

Regret is coursing through my veins.

Lies, don’t you dare speak.

Watch me as I kneel to weep.

Following the same meloncholy tune.

Slumber, my eyes feel so weak.

Your face it haunts my sleep.

You meant everything to me.

Try to run from the past.

Pray that it doesn’t last.

Those memories aren’t worth your time.

I know, that I messed up.

Can’t fix myself cause I give up.

Lay me down as these walls close in.

Death, yes it drew us apart.

Strangled my soul, shattered my heart.

These whimpering eyes take eternal sleep.